On Your New Home!

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q. Where do I send my HOA payment?
A.  Send it to P.O. Box 27 Arvada, CO 80001

Q. Will I receive a bill to send a payment?
A. No, It is the responsibility of the owner to send the payment to the HOA.

Q. When the HOA payment due?
A. It is due the first of every month.

Q. What happens if I can't make my month payment?
A. Contact the HOA board as soon as possible and provide in writing your situation and when you would be able to pay the assessment.  The board will evaluate the situation and approve or deny the request.

Q. Why do I need insurance isn't that part of my HOA dues?
A. The insurance is for the exterior of the building; each owner should have HO6 insurance which covers the interior of your home.  Interior of your home does just mean personal property; it covers cabinets, toilets, and hot water heaters ext.  Review the Insurance Deductible Policy and the Insurance Matrix for more information found on the Home page.

Q. If I have a friend over can I use the guest parking?
A. Yes, it is for guest visitor’s not permanent residence.  If the visitor parking is used as resident parking your car may be towed at your expense.  We use Wyatt Towing.

Q. Should I attend the month HOA meeting?
A. Yes, all owners are invited and encouraged to attend.  The meetings consistent of a summary of the minutes, the treasurers report which speaks to the financial health of the HOA, future projects, issues and concerns.  This forum is for the owners to understand how the management of the funds are being used.

Q. Who is responsible for the front door painting?
A. If you are purchasing a brand new door painting is the owners responsibility, see the Paint Code Tab for more information.  If the complex is getting painted as maintenance the front doors will be painted at that time.

Q. Do I have to wait for a meeting to discuss an issue with the board?
A. No, many people call or write their concerns prior to the meeting especially if they cannot attend the meeting.  If it is important or an emergency we expect your to call right away.  Please see contact us for more information.

Q. Can I put a fountain in the front yard?
A. The front yard is maintenance by the HOA and to help avoid eyesores any renovations need to be provided in writing to the board and the board will vote for approval.  If you do not get approval and you build or place something you may be asked to remove or take down the item at your own cost.

Q. How do I get my mailbox key?
A. This is something that your owner should have provided at the time of closing.  This is the responsibility of the buyer and seller to arrange.  The HOA will not and does not have access to the mailboxes for individual owners.  If a key is not provided at the time of closing you will need to replace the lock yourself.